Diane's Branches & Blooms

About Diane

          My intuition and imagination are my strengths.

I  like to "bend the rules" and trust my intuition when it comes to

designing.   I enjoy using a variety of vases; whether made from recycled glass or vintage pottery, rustic metal or wooden containers.   Using something a little unexpected just adds to the magic and whimsy.  Teapots are among my favorites as are vintage glassware of all kinds; especially for intimate weddings. 

I  shop for each client individually.  All of the flowers I use are

thoughtfully shopped for & carefully chosen.  Living in California offers an amazing array of locally and sustainably grown flowers and greenery along with other natural elements such as pods, berries and branches.  I pour my heart into my work!   With an eye for details and a whimsical touch, I allow nature to lead me along as I design, lending to the shapes, curves and colors of the branches and blooms - hence, where the name for my business comes from.

Although flower design, whether a single arrangement, prom

corsage or intimate wedding, is always a joy to me it IS hard work.  The time and energy put forth can be exhausting and yet So exhilarating at the same time!  I am a bit of a perfectionist.  It's all in the details.  I strive to delight my client(s) ... my reward? ... well, it's that tiny tear gathering in the corner of their eye while the smile spreads across their face of course!

                                      I will sleep when I am finished!

I can't pin-point when my love affair with flowers began.  But I

can remember sitting in the grassy field of my elementary school, tying stems of pink and white clover together with tiny daisies to make a flower crown or whatever the brief recess allowed.  This habit continued on throughout high school and to this very day I can hardly resist the opportunity to sit and make a daisy chain!

Flash forward several years and I find myself a young adult

living in Sonoma county, walking along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean picking wild Iris - (seemed to be one of my favorite flowers at that time).  There were mounds of giant blackberry vines behind my oh-so-tiny house where I would pick the sweet berries for pies and snip the flowering branches to fill my empty wine bottles together with wild iris and roses. 

There's just something about vines and roses .... (insert happy sigh here)

A few years later I followed my heart to San Francisco and 

allowed myself the simple pleasures of visiting the corner market in my neighborhood where I could always find bunches of fresh blooms that drew me nearer and forced me to give up my last 5 dollars!  I enjoyed putting that vintage vase I'd found in a second-hand shop on one of the backroads of northern California to good use. 

(I still have that vase!)   

It was San Francisco that indeed "stole my heart", or at least

where I gave it to the man I was to marry and with whom I share my happy home. We moved to Pleasant Hill, California in 1995 to start our family and have lived in the same "original tiny house" all these years.   My husband and 2 lovely children offer me an incredible support system and continue to encourage me to "follow my heart" and grow my business.  My husband is extremely helpful and enjoys accompanying me on early morning trips to the SF Flower Market & I welcome both his companionship and his ability to carry the many bundles of flowers!

My hobbies include photography, reading, gardening, (learning

what will and won't grow in this clay soil!), cooking, baking (birthday cakes for my kids has become a bit of a competition with myself - I love a challenge!)  I usually have at least 2 or 3 craft projects going at once; anything from jewelry to refinishing or reuphostering furniture!  And you might catch me meandering through antique shops, or strolling through local street & art fairs.

                                These days I simply dream in flowers! 

am the happiest when I have a bucket of flowers at my feet,

some snips in my hand and a vase or other container just waiting for my imagination to fill it! 

I design for the individual client.  I offer personalized, one-

on-one service with attention to detail and only book a handful of weddings or events per calendar year.  

 I will ask you a lot of questions; it's all in the details.  

Listening to my clients and drinking in their stories allows me to weave their vision & dreams together with my imagination and sense of design to create memorable, magical and artistic florals. 

I so look forward to hearing from you!  



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